Dean Vendetta Revenge gitaar elektrisch

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Dean Guitars SJ Art Series features exclusive designs by award-winning graphic designer Stephen Jensen. Stephen is no stranger to Deans Guitars working with them for several years and having designed the finishes of several famous guitars including Dimebag's Rust Razorback, Explosion Razorback, Schenker Brothers V, and the Muddy Bullseye. With the SJ Art Series, Stephen brought to life three of our favorite designs to the Dean Guitars line-up starting in 2007. Dean Guitars SJ Series - Vendetta Revenge Designed as a classic tattoo design with a burning sacred heart and dagger rendered photo-realistically over tattoo style skulls and rose vines. Also features custom dagger and heart inlays. Solid mahogany with custom Revenge Heart Graphic and maple neck-thru construction provide jaw-dropping good looks and amazing, fat sound. Mahogany's warm tone and sustain combined with string-through-body design will give you the tone and sustain you've always wanted. The Vendetta Revenge Guitar has powerful humbuckers that faithfully carry every shred and crunch to your amp.
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